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In an upcoming work, preceded by a series of blogs, I will be giving my readers what I believe is the single most powerful, perhaps most daunting, at the very least most creative tools that one may possess. It can be a powerful ally to have, during those times of your greatest strengths or weakness, amidst your highs of achievement and your lows of depression and failure. It can be your best friend if you allow it to be. It can be your best weapon during challenging times and guard you during vicious and personal verbal assaults by others. This tool will bring you the best defense against one of your greatest enemies...your mind.

It is indeed notable that our society is severely lacking, in my opinion, in the use of this tool, both by the academician and learned and the ill-informed or the ignorant.

And I must say that being ignorant is not a bad thing. It is not name-calling here. And neither is learned either. This tool supersedes labels and categories. This tool acts to clarify and guide.

This tool may be used by scientists in a laboratory. But this tool may also be used by the average person going through a very difficult divorce or severe loss.

The versatility seems endless, so why aren't people utilizing this powerful tool?

The answer is ridiculously simple; people are not comfortable with change and even less so with the idea of being wrong. Being wrong goes against the inner core of being.

This tool can be used in various situations both in a physical and philosophical sense.

If you want to ask yourself such questions as:

"Why me?"

"Why now?"

"What did I do?"

"Is there a God?"

"Why do I make so many mistakes?"

"What is the meaning of life?"

"Why did my child have to die?"

"Why did my marriage or relationship not work out?"

"Am I a good person?"

Wow...what a lot of everything...right?

What is this tool?

Nothing more and nothing less than...doubt!

What we will be discovering is that by doubting and questioning, we will be using tools that will lead us on a path toward a better understanding of ourselves or others, perhaps a better coping mechanism, or even a fantastic personal or scientific discovery.

Stay tuned as we unravel a mystery within a mystery.

We are going on a journey to ask what, where, who, or even why.

We will be learning how to think, not what, but how.


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