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Jo danning gets trapped in a coma 

at the same time...

an Emergency room doctor is trying TO

To murder Jo and other patients...

While Jo is sleeping and reaching out to her friends from her dream world.


I sat beside my bedroom mirror. I looked away in fear.

The terror within me grew in strength.

I was not drunk. No wine had touched my lips. Yet the pounding…pounding…pounding of my heart increased in sound.

I was scared to look at the glass. Its reflection brought me pain. I had once looked at the figure, but I promised—not again.

No one made me look. It was an accident. I was alone inside my room. As far as I remember.

But memory is a funny thing when nothing’s there but death and shame.

Was I alive or dead, I thought. Could this be life anew? I looked back at the bed of white. I saw the other two.

One was short and young and trim. The other tall and stout. My recollection ran away. I thought I knew them once.

They sobbed and sobbed and then cried more—their tears and sound uneven. My hearing faded slowly. The silence only worsened. I was alone except my heart and person.

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