A tale of magic, aliens, witches, and time travelers.
The Anakites were here before us. Now a group of humans search for powerful stones that control time and space and seek to destroy the aliens.
"And do not live by the words of could, would, or should. Live by the words of can, shall, and must!" 
"In this world, there are many followers, but only a few believers."  
In a distant past, during the dawn of civilization, a group known as the Guardians seek to gather and destroy forever the Royal Stones of Eden and their power to control time and space and spirit. Legends of the past collide with each other as the secrets of ancient elements are discovered and explored by several time travelers as they travel through a land of fantasy, magic, and intrigue. Journey to Wales, Egypt, and to the time of the Old American West and the rule of King Arthur.The elements of mystery, sci-fi, and suspense combine to make this time-travel thriller a captivating voyage through

The Royal Stones of Eden ( Hard Back)


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